Everything you should know about arm surgery

I am Dr. Fernando Jose Nuñez Proulx, plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, I can see that are various questions about the arm surgery procedure, know as brachioplasty.

The surgery is divided in two, when an arm has little excess of skin and very little fatty tissue, in this case the ideal procedure is a lipo aspiration, where an incision of 1 cm is made, either in the elbow or the armpit, afterwards a canula is inserted to suck all the area underneath the arm, with the help of ultrasound we can achieve better retraction of the skin and better results without too much bleeding or injury.

There are patients that cannot have the procedure due to advanced age, or excess of older skin, in this case we’ll need to perform surgery to remove the skin. A cut is made that can go from the elbow to mid-arm, up to the armpit, here we’re looking to remove all excess tissue, molding the arm. In this surgery a scar will be left that we’ll try to hide as best as possible in the inside or fate arm, after a while, the scar will start to fade until is barely noticeable.

FerNunezAdminEverything you should know about arm surgery