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Dr. Fernando Nuñez Proulx

Dr. Fernando Jose Nuñez Proulx is a young plastic aesthetic reconstructive surgeon, with the highest qualifications and familiarized with the most innovative techniques, certified by the Mexican Council of Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, and member of the Mexican Association of Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Has a medical and surgical team of plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses, that offer a mix of youth and experience along with the highest training, technology and latest techniques to achieve our patients goals.

From the moment of the first consulting session you’ll feel in a warm environment with the kind and human approach with treat every patient, we’ll listen to your doubts and expectations, and explain with precision the different type of treatments and procedures available for your particular case, so that doctors and patient together, arrive at the best option for you case, achieving an aesthetic result proportional to the desire and body of each patient.


  • Medical Degree from the Universidad autónoma de Yucatan (UADY)
  • 2 years in general surgery, 1st year in the ISSSTE Merida regional hospital (UADY)
  • 2nd year in the “Adolfo López Mateos” ISSSTE regional hospital, Mexico City. (UNAM)
  • 4 years of Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in the Centro Medico Nacional “20 de noviembre” ISSSTE, Mexico City (UNAM)
  • Fellow of aesthetic surgery and body contouring with Dr. Raúl González, Ribeirao Preto, Brasil.
  • Currently a base plástic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon in the morning shift of the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de la Peninsula de Yucatan.
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