The perfect curve in a woman, the time has come to look fabulous

I am Dr. Fernando Jose Nuñez Proulx, plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, today we’ll talk about the generals of breast implant. The breast implants are ideal for women that wish to augment their bust size, there are different types of procedures, depending on where the implant we’ll be located, it can be located below the gland or below the muscle, this will be decided during the consultation, depending on what the patient is looking for and what benefits and contraindications this type or surgery has.

There are round or anatomical implants (shaped like a drop), the most commonly used are the round implants which can be either smooth or with texture, these days the texturized are very popular. Incisions are made around the nipple or below the mammary, this are the two most common sites to approach when placing the implants

There’s a great variety of sizes, projections, of heights, widths, all of this is considered depending on what the patient is looking for, her height, width of torso, and from then is decided what type and size of implant is the ideal one. The changes are immediate, the patient will notice the difference the moment she gets out of surgery.

The swelling period is approximately a month, and post operation cares are: analgesic, antibiotics and relative rest for about 1 week whilst the patient recovers from the swelling, she won’t be able to lift heavy things for a month or two and also won’t be able to do any type of chest or arm routines in the gym. After this resting period the patient can return to her normal routine.

FerNunezAdminThe perfect curve in a woman, the time has come to look fabulous
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