Ear pinning (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty, commonly known as ear pinning surgery, transforms the size and shape of the ears to be aesthetically pleasing and proportionate to the face. This procedure can be done on patients as young as 6 years old by surgically modifying ears that are over-sized, stick out or have developed in an abnormal shape. Many patients find that ear surgery can lower their overall anxiety level and increase their self-confidence.

Also we can perform earlobe repair for patients who have torn earlobes or earlobes that have been stretched by ear gauges, also address problems with ear symmetry by repositioning the ears to correct one ear that is significantly higher than the other.

The technique used during ear surgery will depend on the abnormality. First, there may be an insufficient amount of ear cartilage to support the fold of the ear, or too much cartilage where the ear canal starts. Both issues will cause the ear to protrude outward. In some cases, the ears may appear too large.

Regardless of the condition, the cartilage will usually be addressed and either removed or reshaped. Then, the cartilage will be secured with sutures into a new position closer to the head. The incision is generally placed within the natural folds of the ear so scarring is not an issue.

All otoplasties are performed under local anesthesia and IV sedation, this as an outpatient procedure in our accredited surgical facility. The entire surgery typically takes about 2 hours to complete. After surgery, patients will be sent home with their heads wrapped in a compression bandage, which will later be replaced with lighter bandaging or a headband for 2 weeks.

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