Eyelid surgery

Properly performed aesthetic periorbital surgery is one of the most rejuvenating of all facial surgeries performed today.

In the upper and lower eyelids, excessive skin due to loss of elasticity and sun damage is one of the major causes of an aged appearance in the periorbital area, In addition to relaxed skin changes; excessive fat herniation can cause bulging, resulting in a heavy appearance to the upper lid area. Although this fat is normal orbital fat, it appears to be protruding outward because of the laxity of the orbital septum, which holds the fat in place.

The surgical technique mainly consists in surgical excision of excessive eyelid skin, with or without removal of the orbital fat or redistributing the same orbital fat in areas where it is needed, this surgery is recommended either functional or cosmetic indications.
This procedure is done under IV sedation and local anesthesia, always supervised by a certified anesthesiologist. The posts surgical follow up; usually consist in check up 24 hours after surgery and surgical stiches are usually removed after 3 to 4 days.

Post surgical indications are, avoid sun exposure, use of sun block and avoid strenuous activity for 1 week.

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