Mammary reconstruction

Mammary reconstruction’s goal is to get back a breast’s form and volume that existed prior to an oncological surgery, during the same surgery, or months or years later.

The ideal candidates for this procedure are patients that have been subjected to an oncological surgery of the mammaries because of cancer or any other disease, that wish to improve the look of the breasts or restore the body image and quality of life.

To achieve the end result, it is possible that more than one surgical intervention will be necessary, the surgical plan will be determined in the moment of the valuation consulting. The duration of the surgery and the type of anesthesia and other details should be defined based on the current status of the patient.

Our medical team will provide you with the instructions to follow after the surgery. You’ll need to rest during the specified time, which will depend on the type of procedure used for the reconstruction.

During the valuation session it will be determined how many interventions might be required and with which frequency to achieve an optimal result.

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